September 20, 2017

Day Retreat at Bishop Viard College - 20 Sept 2017

Today, the 20th September, ICPE Mission were given the privilege of conducting a day retreat by Bishop Viard College on Peer Pressure and Christian Leadership for the Year 9 students. We started the day with some ice breaking games to get the students excited before we proceeded with some songs. During the session, we had some fun activities to help them understand the topics better and we finished the retreat off with a time of prayer and ministry. Altogether, we had a wonderful time with the students and we hope they grow stronger in their identity in God and be good christian leaders walking in the footsteps of Christ. 

".. You are precious in my eyes, and honoured, and I love you..."  Is 43:4 

September 16, 2017

One Day Retreat at Bishop Viard College on 6 Sept

On 6 Sept 2017, the ICPE Mission team conducted a day retreat for the Year 8 students of Bishop Viard College. The topics were on Fortitude and Leadership. It was an amazing time. 

Agape Farewell Meal for Fr Francis on 2 Sept 2017

A farewell and thanksgiving meal was held for Fr Francis as he moves to ICPE Malta to continue his journey within the ICPE Mission. The Missionaries in Formation who Fr Francis formed the last two years expressed their love by way of sharing their before and after impression of him. We wish him the very best and pray that God be with him on this new phase of his life.


House Blessing on 5 Sept 2017

" Let the message of Christ, in all its richness, find a home with you."   - Colossians 3:16 


August 8, 2017

One Day Retreat at Bishop Viard College on 2 Aug 2017

On 2 August 2017, ICPE Mission was invited to conduct a one day retreat for the Year 7 students at Bishop Viard College.  The day was filled with activities, teachings and games to emphasize the children's identity as sons and daughters of God and having their identity secure how they could live out the christian values.  The students were receptive and it was a blessed time for both the students and the team who conducted the retreat.

To God be all the glory!